Front surface aluminum. Solid line is reflectance for al + SiO2. Broken line represents enhanced Al reflectance.

Enhanced Aluminum Mirror
- The front surface mirror is considerably more efficient than the standard aluminum overcoated mirror. The increase in reflectance is approximately 6% without significant loss of bandwidth. (upper curve)

Standard Aluminum Mirror -
The lower curve shows optical performance for our standard aluminum mirror with quartz overcoat. Durability is excellent (conforms to MIL-M-13508). The mirror can be washed repeatedly with detergent and water or almost any non-abrasive glass cleaner.

Silver Mirror -

Silver mirrors provide high reflectance above 0.4 microns. An overlayer is provided for protection. It should be noted that ultraviolet reflection is generally too low to be useful.

Gold Mirror —
Gold mirrors are useful in the infrared beyond 0.7 microns. Reflectance is almost total with an average above 98%. An additional protective overlayer can be provided with no significant loss in overall performance.

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